1. Convention Center Rules


Convention Space is any area that the convention is using for any official events.

However, the way our attendees treat the property and the staff of the convention center reflects on the convention as a whole. Please be sure to take care of the area you are in. Be aware that there will be visitors to the convention center who are not attendees. Be respectful to the convention staff and guests.



If you feel that you have been given an unfair warning on attire, conduct, or policy infringement, you may submit an appeal to a Staff member. Any decision then reached by at least two The M7 Con Foundation Executive Staff and the staff member/volunteer who made the original decision will then be final.


3. Liability

The M7 Con Foundation, its personnel, and its affiliates are not responsible for any damage, theft, injury, or loss. Attendees of the convention are responsible for their own actions as individuals as well as for any resulting repercussions. Staff are on hand for assistance in most situations. However, any civil or medical emergencies that may occur must be handled directly by the appropriate authorities. By purchasing a The M7 Con Foundation Event Pass, attendees agree to release The M7 Con Foundation, it's staff and associates of any legal and financial responsibilty and/or  liability due to accidental injury or even death while attending The M7 Con Foundation, it's events and activities.


4. Changes

Policies are subject to change without notice.

All event and program rooms have limited capacity as set by the Fire Marshal. Even though your Convention Pass is needed to get into all events, it does not guarantee you access to any event if it has reached its capacity. We do not clear rooms between events. Most autograph signings are of a limited nature. Your Pass does not guarantee autographs at any event.

P O L I C I E S : L E G A L  &  O T H E R