A  place for little Buckaroos to learn about the Old West and take part in some fun activities. 

The Kid’s Corral will be open both days but will close one hour before the convention ends each day.


There will be coloring, child-friendly westerns playing, and activities all day long for kids 4-11 as well as an area for parents to sit and even nurse if needed.  There will be guided activities twice a day. Each one hour guided session will have a short lesson about various aspects of the Old West followed by a craft that pertains to the lesson.

All kids who stop by the Kid's Corral will receive a special Kid's Corral treat bag


Saturday AM 1-hour session

Learn about the old one room school houses and how the older kids helped the younger ones.

Craft- Decorate a slate. Kids can personalize their very own slate much like the kids of one room school houses used.


Saturday PM- Hour session

Learn about farm chores and what it was like growing up on a farm in the new lands.

Craft- Decorate a bandana.  Bandanas are great for keeping sweat off your face or wiping off hand while working hard on the farm. Kids can make their own bandana maybe for helping with chose around the house.


Sunday AM- 1 hour session

Learn about mining and the Gold Rush

Craft-dig for gold/pan for gold. Kids will use child friendly “mining” tools to dig for gold or gems in pre formed mining blocks.


Sunday PM- 1 Hour session

Learn about horses and cattle and what it took to steer cattle and go one cattle drives.

Craft- decorate a cowboy hat.  Every Cowboy and Cowgirl needs a hat. Why not decorate one and give it a little flash and pizzazz.


Sunday last event.

A half hour before the Convention closes for the year all parents and kids are invited to the Corral for a Kids Western Dance Party.


More to be added so keep checking back.


Out Staff cannot assume liability for any children and therefore ask that a parent be present with their children at all times. Each attending child must have a waiver signed by a parent in order to attend any activities and events in the Kid’s Corral. Waivers will be electronically available when tickets go on sale.

Kid's Corral