Vendors and Artists will have to take down their displays each night as the Vendor Village is outside and there will NO security overnight to secure any items left overnight in the Vendor Village. Please note: Old Sacramento M7 Con is NOT responsible for any items left outside by a vendor overnight. Please see our Vendor and Artist Alley policies located on the Vendor page for more information regarding liability.


Vendors and Artists can unload and set up their spaces each morning starting at 7:30am - 9:30am. They MUST move their trucks/cars no later than 9:30am as Old Sac closes the streets at that time to any vehicular traffic. All vehicles MUST be moved no later than 9:30am each day out of the streets of Old Sacramento and they cannot be moved back in before 5pm.


Vendors and Artists can park in the parking garage located next to the RR Museum.

Vendors and Artists will receive free parking for all three days. They will be given $30.00 cash on Friday to cover their costs. Parking is $10/day.


Vendors and Artists must break down their booth space each night by 5pm. Starting at 5pm, They can move their vehicles and park them next to their vendor space to make this process easier.


If Vendors and Artists would prefer, they can store their goods and supplies in our rented storage space for free, which is located in the lower Courtyard, next to the Vendor Village. (Please note: The storage space is located down one flight of stairs. It is NOT handicap accessible. We will be happy to show the vendors where this space is.)


The Vendor Village and Artist Alley hours have changed to accommodate the new regulations and to make things easier for the daily Load In/ Load Out procedures. The new Vendor Village/Artist Alley hours are now 10-5pm for all THREE days of Old Sacramento M7 Con.


Both the Vendor Village and Artist Alley booths are located on I street, directly in front of the CA RR Museum.