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Schedule subject to change

This is just a very basic schedule to see how the two days will be laid out.


We cannot refund tickets for the convention or other special event admission based on a schedule change.

Main Room


Friday May 26th

Early Registration- Time TBA


Saturday May 27th

Convention 9:30-5:00

9:30-10:00 Official kick off with a welcome video and a few giveaways

10:00-11:00-Panel, Q&A or Workshop

11:00-12:00- Panel, Q&A or Workshop

12:00-1:00- Lunch break, people can visit vendor room, watch videos in main room, visit the Kids Corral or find lunch

1:00-2:00- Panel, Q&A or Workshop

2:00-3:00- Panel, Q&A or Workshop

3:00-4:00- Panel, Q&A or Workshop

4:00-5:00- Trivia Challenge or other programming


Sunday May 28th

Convention 10:00-4:00


10:00-10:30- Moring wake up, Videos, and giveaways

10:30-12:00- Photo Ops, attendees get a chance for photos with attending media guests.

12:00-1:00- Lunch break, people can visit vendor room, , visit the Kids Corral or find lunch

1:00-3:30- Autographs. Attendees can get their photo ops or other items signed by the attending media guests

3:30-4:00- Convention wrap up with a dance party in the Kid’s Corral


Vendor’s Veranda, Artist Alley & Crafter’s Corner
Saturday May 27th 10:30-4:30
Sunday May 28th 10:00-4:00
Place for merchandise, art, and handmade goods to be sold


Kid’s Corral

Saturday May 27th 10:00-4:30

Sunday May 28th 10:00-4:00

Each Day will end with a Reading Round Up Story Time

Place for kids to be kidsThere will be coloring, child-friendly westerns playing, and activities all day long for kids 4-11 as well as an area for parents to sit and even nurse if needed.  There will be guided activities twice a day. Each one hour guided session will have a short lesson about various aspects of the Old West followed by a craft that pertains to the lesson.


Saturday May 27th 11:00-12:00

Learn about a time when Great herds of buffalo roamed the lands.

Craft- TBA.


Saturday May 27th - 2:00-3:00

Learn about farm chores and what it was like growing up on a farm in the new lands.

Craft- Decorate a bandana.  Bandanas are great for keeping sweat off your face or wiping off hand while working hard on the farm. Kids can make their own bandana maybe for helping with chose around the house.


Sunday May 28th - 11:00-12:00

Learn about mining and the Gold Rush



Sunday May 28th - 1:00-2:00

Learn about horses and cattle and what it took to steer cattle and go one cattle drives.

Craft- TBA


Sunday May 28th last event. 3:30pm

A half hour before the Convention closes for the year all parents and kids are invited to the Corral for a Kids Western Dance Party.