P O L I C I E S : C L O T H I N G

Cosplay and Outfits


Costumes (cosplay) and outfits are one of the best parts of any fan convention. Before you put long hours and hard work into your cosplay, be aware that all outfits must cover areas of the body to comply with decency requirements. You will be asked to leave Convention Space if your outfit covers too little of your body or is otherwise deemed inappropriate. Outfits that are tight or sheer enough to expose those parts which should be covered are also prohibited.


In addition to properly covering the body, costumes must comply with venue policies and requirements.

FEMALES must cover the nipple, sides of the breast, and complete buttocks.

MALES must cover the entire groin area, and complete buttocks.

Clothing must not be so tight as to reveal the genitalia of male or female, and must not be sheer enough to expose areas which must be covered.



Footwear must cover the bottom of the feet while in the Convention space.