Artist Alley

Artist Alley Hours are

10X10 Booths are $375

They include 1 6 or 8 foot table

2 chairs

And two 3 Day convention passes with the option to purchase additional passes.

Artists can and are encouraged to share tables and booths with fellow artists

Artist Alley Rules

Artist Alley is a space reserved for showcasing artistic work. Artists may sell art goods and merchandise as long as they abide by the following guidelines:

* Only Artist Alley pass holders are permitted behind the table.

*Artists may sell any products relating to their work (e.g. prints, original artwork, self-published comics, other various self-produced products).

* Artists may sell commercial goods only if they have been involved in the production process (e.g., published comics that they have written/penciled/colored in, products they have designed, etc.) To clarify, this means that fan art is acceptable if and only if the artist selling it has created some original aspect of the product itself.

*Artists may take commissions for artwork.

* All artistic work must be original in design (no tracings of another’s illustrations, direct reproductions of models, etc.).

* Absolutely no consumable such as food or drinks may be sold

* No weapons or firearms may be sold

* Artists may not sell any artwork or products (either personal or copyrighted) that they have not participated in producing.

* Artists may not display or sell sexually explicit works unless it is in such a way that it is inaccessible to minors. No adult material may be viewed, sold or distributed to minors.

* Old Sacramento M7 Con reserves the right to judge the acceptability of all displays containing adult material.

* There is to be no photography of artist’s works

* Sellers permit must be printed and available on demand.

* Artists are permitted to split tables with other artists, granted that the other artist has obtained their own separate sellers permit. The table must be bought under the primary table holders name and the handling of funds is decided between the primary artist and secondary artist. Old Sacramento M7 Con is not responsible for any funds not paid to the Primary Artist from the Secondary Artist.

* Artist Alley Passes are non-refundable

* You must be 18+ by the date of the event in order to purchase an Artist Alley pass. 16+ are permitted if accompanied by an adult.

*Artists will treat convention staff, volunteers and fellow vendors with the utmost respect. Any blatant disrespect of another person is not tolerable and may result in being asked to leave and inability to attend any future events.


*No selling of merchandise that contains M7 Con logo or brand names.

*Artist are responsible for all City of Sacramento, State of California, and Federal taxes.

*Artists are responsible for insuring their merchandise and equipment. It is not a requirement but the M7 Con is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise

*M7 Con is not responsible for vendor/customer disputes regarding merchandise including lost or stolen items belonging to vendor. Vendor assumes all risks and responsibilities for their merchandise, products and anything they bring into the Convention Center.  M7 Con is not responsible for any illness, injuries or death  to vendor, it's customers and/or it's associates. Vendor releases M7 Con, it's officers and it's staff from all legal and financial responsibility hereto. M7 Con is not responsible for any lost or stolen merchandise.

*Artists are to conduct transactions in a timely and professional manner.

*Artists are responsible for cleaning and maintaining a safe work environment.

*No flammable liquids are allowed. No closed or open flames are allowed. No weapons (i.e. knives, swords, guns etc. or adult-themed paraphernalia are allowed. No blocking or loitering in traffic corridors or points of egress.

*No moving of furniture that is situated for a purpose. No blockage or removal of any fire protection equipment.

*Artists are responsible for obeying M7 Con policies and rules of conduct. Any vendor found not in compliance with M7 Con policies and procedures will immediately be asked to leave the convention and will NOT be refunded their vendor fees.

*No refund of vendor space fees will be offered unless the convention is canceled. All vendor fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

*If the convention is canceled, M7 Con will issue refunds within 90 business days from the date of cancellation.

*Acceptance of a M7 Con membership badge and admission to the Convention constitutes an agreement to allow M7 Con to use you image or likeness for promotion within any media format and without any financial compensation.

*Represent M7 Con in a professional and courteous manner.

*M7 Con reserves the right to change it's vendor policies at anytime without prior notification.

*No abusive or foul language.

*No fighting.

*No animals except for service animals with valid vest and documentation