2023 Celebration



May 10th 2022 We have our theme logo. the winner was choice A. This Logo will be featured on all 2023 merchandise. Shop will be opening this summer so stay tuned


April 12th 2023- We have a Theme. The M7 Con Foundation is proud to announce that we have a theme for our 2023 Celebration.

      Every actor loves to play a good bad guy, and the truth is we love stories about the scoundrels and so called "black hats" that roamed the Old West. So our theme for 2023 is Outlaws, Rebels and Renegades. But we still need your help. Click on the button below and help us choose our theme logo. The winning logo will be featured along side our main logo on all convention merchandise.

Stay tuned for future polls to help us pick our logo for the 10th Anniversary of our Convention. 


The M7 Con is now the M7 Con Foundation: A Celebration of the American Old West in History and in Pop Culture. We are shifting from just a standard convention to focusing on education and a study into the American Old West. We we will still have our media guests but we will also be taking a broader look at the American Old West in a wider variety of pop culture medias. We also will now be bringing in more educators and panelists to teach and lead conversations on the real historic American Old West. Our Celebrations will still have many of the same great activities and events you have come to love from our past events.

The M7 Con Foundation will also be adding a focus on humanitarian and philanthropical works to our events by supporting local organizations and charities with funds raised though our events. 

This is a new and exciting step for our event and we look forward to welcoming you all to Fort Worth Texas in 2023